Elco Group Services

Financial and Corporate Services

Elco Group specialises in the provision of a comprehensive range of

financial and corporate services from its head office in The Bahamas.

Corporate Clients

Elco Group custom tailors solutions for international corporate clients. Elco Group utilizes both proprietary and partner supplied tools to accomplish client goals. Current and previous clients have benefitted from corporate formations in multiple jurisdictions, international banking and transfer, currency swaps, intermediary and escrow services and international market analyses.

International Business

Elco Group provides services to enhance corporate client capabilities such as international formation, management acquisition, capital acquisition, intermediary and escrow services, currency management and international accounting consolidations.

Marine Services

Elco’s Marine group provides international flagging, harbor birthing, insurance, tariff payments, title, registration, transaction escrow and document exchange.

Wealth Management

Elco Group is a service provider not an underwriter. Elco Group does not make recommendations or promote product to its clients. Elco Group provides tools to enable clients to manage their wealth more effectively regardless of their geographic locale.

Private Investors

Elco Group’s Investor Services division provides many services, in addition to securities trading and management, which augment our clients’ capabilities. Many of Elco Group’s clients could be considered special situations – for instance migratory, travelling around the world on pleasure or business.

Crypto Currencies

Elco Group assists clients in the opening and trading of crypto currency accounts. XCHANGE, LIVECOIN


Elco Group assists clients in the formation and management of Captive Insurance Vehicles.